How to Make Interval Music

Ipod4.jpgHere’s a quick guide on how to make interval music.

Interval workouts are a great way to get into shape fast. And here’s a great way to create a workout music mix that’s timed to your intervals. You don’t need fancy equipment, just iTunes to edit song clips and an Ipod or mp3 player to download the finished mix to.

First of all, what’s the difference between an interval training music mix and a playlist? A playlist is simply a group of songs that play one after another. Playlists are great for regular workouts – I have a playlist of Nelly songs to use when I’m strength training, a playlist of New Age type of music for stretching and mat pilates work, and a number of playlists with high-energy songs for cardio work.

A music mix for interval training is a mix of song and music clips that play for a specific length of time. Let’s say that your interval workout consists of three minutes of high intensity work followed by two minutes of recovery. You create a three-minute clip of a high intensity song for the three minutes of high intensity work, and then a two-minute clip of mellower music for your two minute recovery period. Here’s how you make that happen.

First, you need to understand how to mark a start and end time on the songs you want in your mix:

  • Click on a song in iTunes
  • Go to the “File” menu
  • Choose “Get Info”
  • A Dialog Box opens up
  • Choose the “Options” tab
  • Mark a start time
  • Mark an end time
  • Click “OK”



Now that you understand that part, here’s a step-by-step guide for creating the mix:

  • Create a new playlist
  • Name it “Interval”
  • Drag a song to the “Interval” playlist
  • Play the song
  • Watch the timer and write down the exact time that you want the song clip to begin
  • Mark the start and end time per the directions above

Ipod3.jpgRepeat that process for all the songs you want to include in the mix, alternating higher intensity and lower intensity songs, until you have a full 20 or 30 minutes of music clips that work perfectly for your interval training sessions.

When you’re done creating your music mix, burn it to a CD and import the CD back into iTunes. You’ll now have two of each of the songs that are in your music mix – one is the original song, the other is the shortened version that you used for the music mix. Change the name of the new, shortened version to “Name of Song – Interval” (with Name of Song being the actual name of the song) and drag the songs back into a playlist. Then go back and uncheck the start and stop times on the original songs.

Download your new playlist to your Ipod or mp3 player and you’ll have a great interval workout music mix to keep you moving and motivated!

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